Interest Survey

Please contact Lisa Tannahill for Enrollment options and to turn in forms @ (719) 960 – 9088

The Smart Place Dual Program

 The Smart Place is in the process of reopening! As in the past, we will be offing some of the coolest programing available! The pandemic has hit us all extremely hard, and we extend our best wishes to all of you. Our proposal is to re-open 2022 and we will be offering our services at our Linecrest location!

We will be closely following all Covid19 safety guidelines and will commit to you that we will do our absolute best to offer a safe and sanitary environment where we can continue to thrive together.

We are proposing a dual opportunity to our programming and would like your input. Our in-person programing will continue to offer various tutorial and leisure activities such as: art and crafting classes, culinary activities, dance and exercise, recreational activities, adult daily living skill sessions to include Covid safety, limited trips to open-air locations, sensory and ASL activities with an emphasis on outdoor activities!

During our virtual experience, we will continue to engage our participants with our online curriculum that includes the SPACS Daily news, online exercise classes, ASL classes, Arts, and crafts, cooking with friends and interactive games just to name a few!

The SPACS’ skilled counselors and Curriculum specialist will continuously plan enrichment and seasonal activities, targeting social and emotional development for everyone. We genuinely hope that you will be able to bounce back with us as we offer to open our doors again!

3595 Linecrest RD.
Ellenwood, GA 30294