As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the members of the community. Your support and contributions help us in our efforts with the individuals that we serve. If you would like to donate in support of a specific individual, please enter Special Instructions for your donation once you are logged in at PayPal.


The Smart Place is offering a summer program for both mentally and physically challenged students ages 12-21 who are located in DBHDD Region 3 counties. This program runs adjacent to our general CGA services are typically for adult individuals (22 and older). The summer program offers children that need a safe place to be until parents and/or providers are available to them during the Summer those some outstanding services! Our summer program offers various tutorial and leisure activities such as : Art classes, computer activities, Performance Arts- dance and exercise, Discovery room activities, Adult Daily Living Skill (ADLS) classes, Swimming program, Weekly trips, Daily walks, Picnics, Sensory activities and cook outs! The program also light snacks, all participants bring in their own lunch. We have a small store (The Sweet Shoppe) where you can purchase additional snacks like drinks, candy, fresh fruit, ice cream and homemade bakery goods! There are special interest programs offered for an additional fee. Skilled counselors continuously plan enrichment and seasonal activities, targeting social and emotional development.

The 2023 summer registration will begin April 24, 2023 through May 19, 2023 at our Linecrest Road location. A $30 registration fee is required at the time of registration.

Ambulatory only-$250.00 WEEKLY


The Curriculum of SPACS involves the following 12 Core Areas:

  • Early Learning Skills
  • Language and Communication
  • Self Care
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Recreational Leisure Activities
  • Health Training
  • Functional Academics
  • Life Skill Education
  • Social Skills Training
  • Sensory Integration Training
  • Behavioral Management and Intervention
  • Community-Living and Interacting Skills

These areas are designed to cover the entire range of skills and sub-skills needed by an individual to lead as independent a life as possible within the constraints of his or her disabilities.

Enrollment Options

Please contact Lisa Tannahill @ (470) 940-3334 for Enrollment options.


Our CAG services are designed to promote choice and exploration in social competencies in all natural environments.

Community Access Individual (CAI)

Community Access Individual is designed to help participants acquire, retain, or improve self-help, socialization and adaptive skills required for active participation and independent functioning outside the home. This service is provided on a one-to-one ratio.


Our CRA services are designed to have a person-centered approach. Services provided are based on each individual’s needs and desired outcomes.

Virtual Learning Experience (VLE)

During our virtual learning experience, we will continue to engage our participants with our online curriculum that includes the SPACS Daily news, online exercise classes, ASL classes, Arts, and crafts, cooking with friends and interactive games just to name a few!

Summer Program

The Smart Place is offering a summer program for any students ages 10-21 with a learning, intellectual, or physical disability who are in Metro Atlanta.

Center Parent Provider Association (CPPA)

The Smart Place CPPA is a parent advocacy group, established to support our individuals. CPPA members meet once a quarter to maintain healthy community relationships, where advocacy and support is paramount. This special group of parents are involved in many areas dedicated to the betterment of all our individuals.

Please be sure to join us at our next meeting. For more details, please contact The Smart Place at 770.469.4418. Our meetings offer great community networking opportunities, where you can see your ideas come to life.

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